The goal of StockWave is to give the small investor the ability to trade on the world's stock markets with an unprecedented degree of sophistication and success.

StockWave is unlike any other trading software currently available; it is based on a fresh, radical look at the way investing is done and provides the private individual with the scientific tools needed to trade smartly and successfully, levelling the playing field between himself and the professional trader or institutional investor.

  • It is not a chartist program.
  • It is not a fundamentalist program.
  • It is not limited to any one type of data source.
  • It is not limited to any single type of analysis technique.
  • All the analysis techniques implemented are drawn from hard science and specifically adapted for trading.
  • The complexity of trading is hidden by the design of the user interface.

The overall design is driven by the following simple philosophy:

  • You need to use all data available to you — whatever it is.
  • You need to use the best data analysis techniques — from whatever source.
  • The technicalities of trading can be hidden within the program — because it is all too complicated.
  • All things must be explained in the simplest language possible — so we don't get confused.
  • We need to turn away from the silly folklore currently touted as stock market wisdom — lets get into science.

It is also inexpensive by the standards of other, inferior, trading software.

Good luck with your trading! But we would hope that luck has nothing to do with it...