How To Use the Automatic Trade Searcher

The trade searcher finds the best combination trade which maximises the payoff from a particular probabilistic prediction. To use the trade search:

  1. Choose trade types to use
  2. Load price tables if using options - actual option prices can be obtained from Yahoo or Liffe; there are links to these from the StockChart
  3. Set trade costs (- or just leave blank; get the actual costs from your broker.)
  4. Check trades at varying depth levels, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4-way combinations
  5. Sort the found trades in the left hand grid according to what you find important, e.g. likely payoff, or profit probability.
  6. Look for high profit probability and / or high expected returns; find something you like
  7. Inspect a trade of interest on the trade creator
  8. Decide what you want to do?!