How To Use the Trade Creator

This is where you can construct a trade which is precisely suitable for your needs:

Work from left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Select a stock, input its symbol and market codes
  2. Select an analyzer from those available - these will be loaded from the current porftolio
  3. Set the expiry time for the trade - this is the expected time at which you would reasonably expect to close the trade.
  4. Select a trade type
    • Add as many as you want in any combination, or do an automatic trade search - let StockWave find the best trade for you.
  5. Look at the payoff graph and the profit probability.
  6. Check the summary output measures - does the trade appeal to you? Has it enough payoff, does it have too much risk?
  7. Text to Open - will tell you what you need to say to a broker to execute the trade over the phone.
  8. Print the trade and its analysis out for your records
  9. Execute the trade - it will be entered into your porftolio and an alarm set. NB - if you are not simply paper-trading you will have to execute the trade with a real broker, either by phone, or from an online trading account; StockWave is an analysis tool, not an online trading platform.