When choosing a name for our product, we decided on 'StockWave' as

  • "it was about the stockmarket", so having the word 'stock' in it helped identify its principal area of relevance, and as
  • "it uses wavelets" (- a mathematical technique) in various places, the word 'wave' added some intrigue and distinction; furthermore,
  • the idea of waves rising up and crashing back down again is highly reminiscent of the way share prices behave and also had an energetic, dynamic feel to it (- we were also going to use a crashing wave as our logo but thought it in poor taste after the, at the time relatively recent, Asian Tsunami.)

'StockWave' it was then, and StockWave Software Ltd for the company who built it. Alas, it is surprisingly difficult to find completely original names these days for new products; it came to our attention that there are some other StockWaves around. Luckily none of these others is in the same line of business as we are, so there is no conflict.

However, just for the record and to be totally explicit about the matter, we wish to record that we have no connection, linkage, affiliation or indeed, any relationship whatsoever with the following companies/websites.

  • StockWave USA
  • stockwave.in.th - financial news website based in Thailand
  • StockWave Ltd - a photographic library based in England.
  • stockwave.nl - Dutch Investment Fund
  • StockWave GMBH
  • StockWave Order Execution BV
  • Stockwave Equities Ltd
  • www.stockwaves.de - a German financial consultancy, with a disturbingly similar logo to our own; they are nothing to do with us.

We are registered at Companies House, number SC276027.