Introduction to StockWave A short sketch about what it's all about.

The Concept We have a very different philosophy about market dynamics and data analysis than anyone else - it's worth being explicit about it; it isn't Technical Analysis or a read-across of Quant methods.

Quick Start Let's dive in and just do something ...!

A Tour of the Main Features These are going to be used a lot.

The Markets Some background before we get serious. How did all this get started anyway?

Stocks and Shares Why would you want to buy these, and what are they anyway?

Bonds, Gilts and Commodities More types of investments you need to know about.

Derivatives, Futures and Options The most complicated and dangerous of all investment classes, but also the most useful for skilled investors.

How to Trade The nuts and bolts of it.

How to Analyze Chart Data The starting point for an analysis is with the StockChart - here we explain what you should be looking for, and how the tools of StockWave will help you.

Advanced Trading Strategies There are many more ways to make a profit than simplistic buy and hold, trend following or directional bets on price movement.

Company Reports - the Harsh Truth You have probably already guessed the worth of these documents.

The Questions you need to Ask about a Company A checklist for the avid investor / investigator.

Advanced Analyzers - a Discussion Our flagship custom monte carlo algorithms are the most important elements of the package - but they need to be handled with respect.

Beyond Rocket Science? How far can we go in the analysis of market data? Some ideas.

Glossary All the hopeless jargon, explained with a dry cynicism.

FAQ Questions, frequently asked, occasionally asked, rarely ever asked, plus some we thought someone might ask at some point - the answers are already here!

Neural Networks Some practical advice about using them.

API The StockWave scripting language.

Trade Management The nitty gritty details.

Using CBOE Paper-trading with OptionMonster.

Basic Trading Observations Anecdotally yours.

Market Scanner Query for opportunities.

News Concept Modelling Another look at the news archives.

News Event Models Find causal news relations.

SuperFusion Novel data fusion algorithms.

Explain Short, to-the-point answers to help clarify the fog of misunderstanding.

How To