Is StockWave the Right Software for Me?


How do you know that for sure when you know nothing about me?!

Because its for everyone. You can use it from a number of different perspectives. Whatever category applies to you, StockWave can be useful; let's go through the list -

Casually Interested/Simply-Curious 'Man In the Street'

You see people on the telly banging-on about 'the markets', 'the footsie', 'interest rates' - quite naturally you think "what's all that about?" and so you try to find out a bit more, but unfortunately you find yourself confused by a lot of mumbo-jumbo and when you try looking for some software to help you out, you find that it costs an arm-and-a-leg to get started; the barriers to entry are much too high for the common man.

But with StockWave, the basic edition is FREE, with lots of data, a full set of documentation and help, and it will do streaming datacapture from teletext, draw charts, access information from the web and lets you play around with making different types of trade including derivatives like CFDs and options. No subscription fees, no time limits, and certainly no nasty spyware, ad-ware, ads or popups to annoy you. Takes about a  minute to download on a broadband connection - play around with it for a bit, upgrade to the advanced version, just keep it as it is, or even delete it from your hard drive. Do what you want - there's no commitment and no downside; the worst that can happen is that you learn something!

Wannabe-Serious Trader

You are already very interested in the markets, and you want into the game as soon as possible, but you've been holding back - the software you think you need is expensive, as is the commitment in terms of time and the float you need for a trading account. Why not try paper-trading our way for 3 months and see what happens; StockWave is designed to allow people to trade without becoming full-time traders via its sophisticated alarm system. Use our algorithms, find out what works and what doesn't for you; then start doing it for real, or if you decide it doesn't suit, just quit - with StockWave you will not be out of pocket.

Financially-Responsible Citizen

You are the upstanding citizen, the straight man, the guy who played it safe and did everything right; you got independent financial advice, used a lawyer and accountant in your financial dealings, only dealt with reputable companies you had heard of, read the financial pages in the quality newspapers with care, and over the years you bought the full package; private pension, with-profits life assurance, endowment mortgage, equity ISAs, managed investment funds, the lot.

And in the end, what did you get for playing it safe? A right-royal shafting from the so-called "experts" of the Financial Services Industry! That's what you got. Don't you think you might be better off looking after your own money?! Start playing it 'dangerous' for a change - it can't be any worse than what you've already done; what you must realise is that in these previous scenarios all you have been doing is paying other people big fat fees to gamble with your money, without actually risking their own.


You like to gamble - you enjoy the contest against the 'bookie'; you can calculate the odds, payout and tax on any complicated Yankee bet ever invented. You've played blackjack, bet on horses, football games, elections - you name it; so why not try out the biggest casino of all - the financial markets; try spread betting and options trading - its just the same as what you've been doing already - the terminology differs but you'll soon pick it up. If you like the idea, then look at StockWave as being your own personal 'true odds' calculator.

Online Private Investor

You got into active trading a long time ago - you don't need to read some 'glossary' to find out what things mean, you understand all about the news, and fundamentals and economic indicators. You're probably using some hybrid approach of technical analysis and whatever other stuff you found useful over the years - you don't want to ditch your system for the latest 'super duper software' because you've heard it all before - every few years some "hotshot" comes along who thinks he's 'cracked it', but they never do. You have come to realise that successful trading is really all about probabilities, being on the right side of the action more often than not; but this is exactly what StockWave calculates; its got techniques you don't currently have and might just give you the edge you need, whether on its own, or in conjunction with what you've already got.

Technical Analysis Expert

You know all about indicators, trendlines, oscillators, support and resistance, fibonacci levels, gann angles, dow theory; you write your own trading systems and backtest them on historical data. You think in terms of price targets and retracement levels but really we think you should be thinking in terms of probabilities. As for your interest in buy/sell signals, forget these too - consider sophisticated strategies using options as they give much more flexibility - you can not only bet on up or down moves, but bet on "going nowhere" and also "going somewhere, I just dont know which way".

Analyst/Fund Manager/Trader

You're a 'pro'; your workdesk looks like something out of NASA with multiple screens showing realtime data feeds from all kinds of markets from all over the world; the software you use costs £20K per year just to rent, what need do you have of some "cheapo rubbish touting all the groovy buzzwords"? Well, why not just try it; our user interface collates and presents information in a very 'nice' way, it's very streamlined and you might like it a lot better than what you're currently using, whatever it cost.

Quants - 'Rocket Scientist' types

You went to off to university hoping to solve the unified field theory but ended up working in a bank instead; still, the money is good. You spend your days knocking up pricing models for complicated derivatives using a maths-based approach - in the end you are solving a PDE or doing a monte-carlo simulation using a combination of Excel spreadsheets, DDE links to Reuters and Bloomberg, all hooked up in a very Heath-Robinson manner; some days they let you use Matlab or Mathematica, but mostly its all Visual Basic. Probability is what you eat, sleep and breathe. Recreation is gassing-off on the Wilmott forums to your like-minded cronies.

Stockwave could interest you a lot; much of what is in it will be familiar to you, but maybe not the overall approach; we may also have toys you'd like to play with, it might give you ideas, it might give you an edge. StockWave is also written in C++, is multi-threaded and loves multiple processors - why not hook it up to your bank's server farm; get it on the Grid, start straining those blades.

If you want support for realtime feeds, or for exotics, or if you want access to the API or even a full scripting language, contact us; if there is significant demand we'll do it, or if you want a custom job, just for you, we'll give you a quote.

Academic Researcher

StockWave has lots of nice things in it, although we've done a fair bit of testing on our own behalf, so far we've really only scratched the surface of its behaviour and capabilities. Ultimately the goal is for StockWave to take all information, all different kinds of information, from all different sources, covering timeseries, news and fundamentals and produce probabilistic predictions which have everything factored-in to them; so there's no more need for talk of 'externalities', 'outliers' or 'exogeneous' in our analyses. To do this we are working on a Hybrid-AI approach.

So there are even more 'nice toys' to come - if you are interested