There are no downloadable trial versions available - this is because they have been removed; hackers altered one of our installers in order to distribute malware, and now Google has listed us as a "malware" site. If you have an installer for StockWave we suggest you do not use it. Seriously curious prospective customers should get in touch with us directly for a personal quote. We will supply trial versions on disk if desired.

Similarly, there were "WareZ" sites where you could download "cracks" for StockWave ... this was rather baffling to us as the distributed versions had no copy protection, time limits or DRM in them - so what was "cracked"? - we have no clue, but perhaps there was a covert payload inserted. Since we don't intend to provide a playground for l33t hax0rz, i.e. juvenile idiots, we simply don't do downloads anymore, nor do we have php scripts running the site, or a mySQL backend. As a general point about security I would regard php as being, in itself, an "attack vector" - if you are running php scripts on your site, somebody somewhere can probably take your whole operation to the cleaners at a moment's notice, and on their merest whim.

Available Products


StockWave is our premier, premium, everything-in-it stocks and options analysis platform, with all the bells and whistles, and which we can tailor to the needs of the client as desired. Email for a discussion of your needs and a personalised quote.


Son of StockWave, "Jesus" if you will, if StockWave is John-the-Baptist. Watch this space, yet more strained analogies to follow ...

Mini Apps

StockWave has a lot in it, but lots of people are quite happy with a smaller subset of the features - for you guys we've knocked-up some standalone mini-apps -

  • stock chart
  • news viewer
  • news and price chart
  • news analyzer
  • web agent
  • market scanner
  • signal processing filtering
  • machine learning timeseries model explorer
  • trade creator
  • options browser
  • trade searcher
  • IB feed reader
  • Yahoo feed reader and downloader


We have data archives, news and price timeseries going back for about ten years - it's not necessarily all that clean, but we'll let you have it for free.

Support Services

Serious users of StockWave typically require support contracts or some custom interface to their own systems, especially datafeeds. We can demo, supply trialware, do installations, roll-outs, provide email or phone support, or even help build your system.

Custom Programming and other Services

Not only can we build you the system you want around StockWave, or later on, with Ideomorph, but we can do a lot of other stuff as well - we have expertise in the following and are available for contract work.

  • Software : programming, architecture and design using the following -
  • C
  • C++ (Object-Oriented and Template Metaprogramming, Boost, STL, new features from 2011)
  • Python
  • Android
  • Java
  • Windows
  • Borland/Embarcadero C++ Builder
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Qt
  • Subversion
  • Web Design, HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Database Programming : SQL and non-SQL
  • Data Analysis : timeseries, multidimensional timeseries, pattern sequences, textual input, natural language processing, heterogeneous types
  • Machine Learning : techniques for use on above
  • Optimisation
  • Mathematics - to university level
  • Physics (Theoretical) - to undergraduate and research level
  • Computer Simulation - using Monte Carlo algorithms
  • Graphics Programming : 2D, 3D, OpenGL, GUI design
  • Project Management
  • Trading System Development
  • Interfacing DataFeed APIs - Interactive Brokers, OpenTick, others available
  • Defence Systems Engineering
  • Optoelectronics
  • Operational Analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Modelling
  • Risk Analysis
  • Management Consultancy - we're out of the box, since we've never been in it; let us troubleshoot for you

Beta Testers

We have a small vacancy for beta testers - you get our latest stuff for free as long as you give us serious feedback; anyone is welcome to apply but we are particularly interested in "quants" and other financial professionals ... if I said "Wilmott" you would understand what I meant.

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