StockWave really isn't like anything else so there are no true comparisons to make, however there are many other software packages designed to help people trade on the markets. Most of these don't use any of our techniques, or have merely superficial similarities - our approach is unique.

One thing we can say for sure - trading software is not at all cheap!

Obviously, we think our software is the best available and you should buy it rather than anything else; of course, when it comes to making a purchase "just taking the salesman's word for it" is usually not a wise move. Buying software is no different from buying a hi-fi, a car or a pair of shoes - it is in your best interests to shop around.

If you have found this website, the chances are you have been looking around the web for "stock trading software" or "options trading" or maybe even "AI neural net software" and you will have come across a variety of software packages - it is an unfortunate state of affairs that there are any number of rubbishy stock market programs out there all vying for attention. Your head may well be spinning with the possible choices available.

The following are what might be considered market leaders in their domains; although we don't endorse them, neither do we criticise them, these are perfectly good programs in their own right.

Other Software Packages

Check out their features, then check out ours; although our software is mostly less expensive than those listed above, it is our features we would wish to be chosen for and not simply because we have 'undercut' the opposition.