The Necessity of Bullshit?

When one is trying to sell something, when one becomes a "salesman", the first thing you must do is chuck away any dignity you may have or integrity, that you can maintain a pretension of impartiality, that somehow you are still a "scientist" or something impartial - the fact is you are competing with a lot of snake oil salesman - many skillful and persuasive -and without some bombast you will not be heard above the din; but the danger is if you overdo it you just end up looking like one of them and yet because of the ubiquity of "bullshit" in modern media it becomes expected, people expect to be convinced, won over, "sold" - and so when you don't BS people, they think you're not interested ...

It's like we're all in a big dark seedy nightclub going through the same old routines trying to get a hook, i.e. making stereotype "wideband chat-ups" in a club

hey baby! come with me ...

I'm handsome - he ugly!

He got a little pecker, I gots a huge dong

He treat women like bitchez, me? I never lay a hand on my baby-doll (- lessun bitch deserve it, y'understand ... youknowwhutimsayn ...)

I got plenty money, treat you like a queen - he livin' with his mom and 10 brothers and sisters sharing a single room watching a black and white TV set

The prospective customer has a right and duty to be skeptical about these kinds of approach - but we aren't all the same, StockWave is very different from other software, and the best way to appreciate it is to use other stuff first! Seriously. To "get it" you need to understand what it isn't.

Pimp Daddy, signing off

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